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Interview on Obama's Immigration Action

Interview on Obama's Immigration Action
Last night, President Barack Obama delivered a speech explaining the executive actions he is taking regarding immigration. Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives refused to even vote on a bipartisan Senate bill passed early last summer, which stalled immigration reform efforts. Obama's new effort involves a more limited approach since he cannot take the more comprehensive or more permanent actions without congressional approval. Obama's action still leaves the possibility of congressional action to create a more comprehensive and more permanent reform effort.

A lot of false claims have been made by critics of Obama, with some politicians and pundits making outrageously inaccurate and uncivil statements. I attempted to shed more light than heat in an interview today with the Ottumwa Post (in Iowa). The article includes several quotations from me. Even if people do not agree with Obama's efforts to prevent deportations, he had the legal authority to do so. It remains important to debate the issue factually and I think the article helps inform readers.

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