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A Whimsical Book Tour

A Whimsical Book Tour
With the release of my new book, Sacramental Politics: Religious Worship as Political Action, I decided to launch a book tour. After all, that's what the famous authors do. Unlike rich authors, however, I don't have a publicist. So I set up the book tour myself. Perhaps I don't quite get the concept, but I took my book on a nice tour of Jefferson City, Missouri.

In the book I examine the rhetoric of a lot of politicians. So we went to visit the Missouri Governor's Mansion and the Missouri state Capitol.

Dealing with religion and politics naturally means I discuss various church-state issues in the book. Thus, we visited a couple of potent church-state symbols at the state Capitol: a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds and a large statue of Thomas Jefferson (seen from their backsides).

Much of the book considers religious worship moments, including songs, liturgies, and even scriptures. So we trekked to a local church for a visit.

Finally, we headed to a couple of nice reading spots - the types of places we hope other copies of the book will show up in with other people. We visited a coffee shop and a local park.

I had fun on the tour, and think my book did as well. If you would like to invite us to a more serious event, please contact me. Hope you'll check out the book (and send me a photo of it somewhere on tour).


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