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Martin Luther King - Church Buildings as Political Spaces

Martin Luther King - Church Buildings as Political Spaces
Ethics Daily ran a column-length excerpt of my new book (Sacramental Politics: Religious Worship as Political Action). The piece is titled "Martin Luther King - Church Buildings as Political Spaces." This section comes from the same chapter as the other excerpt Ethics Daily ran last week. The second excerpt features some words of Baptist preacher and political rabble-rouser Martin Luther King, Jr. on how church buildings can impact politics.

King is just one of many important religious-political leaders who appears in the book. Other key figures included (as good and bad examples): Michele Bachmann, Barry Black, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, George W. Bush, Tony Campolo, Jimmy Carter, Shane Claiborne, James Dobson, Joshua DuBois, Billy Graham, Thomas Jefferson, Clarence Jordan, David Lane, Al Mohler, Russell Moore, Barack Obama, Rick Perry, Pope Benedict XVI, Vladimir Putin, Samuel Rodriguez, Mitt Romney, Rick Warren, and many others. Together the words of this cast of characters help me as I explore issues of how religious worship is used (and misused) in politics and how religious worship is inherently political.

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