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Obama Attempts to Turn Page to "Better Politics"

Obama Attempts to Turn Page to "Better Politics"
On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama waltzed down the aisle of the House of Representatives as members of the House and Senate reached out to shake his hand. Robed members of the Supreme Court also appeared, along with many other governmental officials. The annual State of the Union address provides one of the U.S.'s main moments of political pomp and circumstance. This speech was no different, with both sides allowing partisanship to impact their responses. Democrats applauded and stood so often they didn't need to do their exercise routines for the day. Republicans, as the opposition party, instead attempted to sit so still their legs might have gone numb. Since Speaker John Boehner had to sit behind Obama - and thus in view on televisions - he had to work especially hard to not seem interested in the president's message. Hollywood faces stiff competition as the top acting city, especially after actor-turned-president Ronald Reagan transformed the way presidents deliver State of the Union addresses.

Ethics Daily ran my latest article today, which covers key themes from Obama's State of the Union speech this year. The piece is titled "Obama Attempts to Turn Page to 'Better Politics.'" I note the few times Obama invoked religious themes, and the even less-religious official Republican response. I also focus on his theme of trying to create "better politics," a vision faith leaders could help bring about in our overly-partisan and divided political atmosphere. 

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