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Faith Leaders Shrug at Critical Immigration Ruling

Faith Leaders Shrug at Critical Immigration Ruling
Immigration reform continues to pop up in the news. This past week saw another of those moments. Despite all the attention, the public debate often includes lots of misinformation and harmful comments.

Ethics Daily ran my latest article today, which is titled "Faith Leaders Shrug at Critical Immigration Ruling." The piece notes the widespread silence by Christian leaders after a federal judge halted President Barack Obama's recent executive actions to protect many undocumented immigrants from risk of deportation. I also note a few Christian leaders who did speak out after the ruling.

More rulings are still to come, so there will additional opportunities for moral dialogue on this important issue. One resource to help churches and Christian organizations join the public dialogue on immigration is the Ethics Daily documentary Gospel Without Borders. The film debunks common myths - used by both Democrats and Republicans - about undocumented immigrants, and thus helps improve the ethical discussion about the issue.

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