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Coverage of My Churchnet Sermon

Coverage of My Churchnet Sermon
A couple of news articles this week report on my recent sermon at the Churchnet Annual Gathering. Baptist News Global ran a nice article by Bob Allen: 'Colorblindness' Ignores Systemic Racism, Speaker Says. The article does a good job hitting some of the big issues I dealt with in the sermon and includes several quotations. It also helped get my message out to a national Baptist audience.

Word&Way (a Baptist newspaper in the Midwest) ran an article by Vicki Brown about my sermon: Kaylor: See Race Issues Clearly. The article focuses on my emphasis on Clarence Jordan and also includes some quotations. The articles don't overlap much so together give a broad look at my arguments.

(Word&Way photo by Bill Webb)

Vicki Brown also wrote some other articles for Word&Way about the Annual Gathering. Her article on breakout sessions, Workshops Cover Race, Leadership, Ministry [article's not online], includes comments made by myself and others. It mentions my most recent book (Sacramental Politics: Religious Worship as Political Action) and includes some thoughts related to it.

Another article by Brown reports on Churchnet's new strategic plan to guide ministries for 2015-2020. That article, Churchnet Attendees Okay Strategic Plan with New Structure and Budget, notes my new role (starting July 1) as Generational Engagement Team Leader. You can learn more about the strategic plan, Vision 2020: Engaging the Future with Hope, in a video I made.

Another Word&Way article reports on comments by the other main preacher, Reverend Cornell Sudduth, Sr. The four articles gave Churchnet a nice spread in the paper.

I appreciate the coverage of my remarks and hope it helps spark more dialogue. You can listen to my sermon online and listen to Sudduth's sermon online. The Annual Gathering theme, "Share Hope: Building a Community of Peace & Reconciliation," focused on critical issues we must consider. Hopefully we are just starting that conversation.

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