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Recent Church Chats

Recent Church Chats
Over the last couple of months, I've had the opportunity to speak to a few church groups. I led a Wednesday night Bible study time at Union Mound Baptist Church (near Elkland, Missouri). I pastored the church for a couple of years long ago, but they invited me back to talk about my recent travels to Turkey, Cuba, and Guatemala. The missions-minded folks at the church loved the photos and stories, and asked lots of questions. The last time I spoke at the church was at the 50th anniversary celebration several years ago (although I'd visited a couple times since then), and it was great to be back to see the wonderful people at the church.

I've also taught recently in two different Sunday School classes at First Baptist Church of Jefferson City. I spent four Sundays with the youth group talking about historic Baptist principles. We covered baptism, priesthood of the believer, religious liberty/separation of church and state, importance of the Bible (and interpretative perspectives), and autonomy of the local church. I also talked about how some Baptists have strayed from these historic principles. The sessions brought some good questions as the youth chewed on some of these ideas for the first time.

On Sunday, I taught a different class at First Baptist Church of Jefferson City. They asked me to share about my trip to Cuba and lessons I learned there as they considered how Pope Francis is helping shift U.S.-Cuban relations. I enjoyed again sharing photos and stories from the island, as well as offering some thoughts about Francis.

I enjoy leading discussions like these and appreciate the opportunities to share.

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  1. Bill Hudgens6:42 AM

    As a traditional Baptist with moderate leanings, I enjoy your blog and articles to keep me grounded in Baptist principles. Thank you for passing our beliefs to young believers.


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