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Ride the Bus Day

Ride the Bus Day
I voted with my rear end yesterday. As I had encouraged people during a show on JCTV, I attended "Ride the Bus Day" in Jefferson City. I noted during the TV program that when we show up at events, we are voting with our feet and demonstrating what we view as a priority (but since we had to sit on the bus, I joked we were voting with our rear ends and not just our feet).

The heart of "Ride the Bus Day" occurred across the street from the transfer station (where most bus routes stop) as the new mayor, city council members, and other city officials came to meet with bus riders and other citizens. The event started with brief remarks from Mark Mehmert (Transit Director for Jefferson City) and new Mayor Carrie Tergin. 

My three-year-old son enjoyed his first ride on JeffTran. But that experience had to compete with two other exciting features. After the short speeches, we each had a free chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A. The local owner, Tom Van Voorn, has a been a strong supporter of expanding public transportation (previously speaking at the same City Council meeting I did). 

Beating the sandwich and the bus ride for my son, however, was the old (1956) firetruck parked outside the event building. A fireman let him hop up in it and ring the old bell (an actual bell, not a siren). When someone said it was time to eat, he pulled the cord several times to clang the bell again. Several people laughed as they noted the lunch bell going off. 

"I rang the bell for lunch," he proudly said as I helped him out.

At the event, a new film promoting public transportation played on loop. I make an appearance in the video, which excited my son when he saw me in the "movie" (it's nice to have a fan). I'm glad to lend my voice.

You can watch the short film, created by Pat Bartlett, online

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