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Book Review

Book Review
Rev. Larry E. Kamphausen, Prior of the Community of the Holy Trinity (an intentional Christian community in Chicago), wrote a review of my new book Sacramental Politics: Religious Worship as Political Action. Here are a few highlights from his review:
For Kaylor there is no way to actually separate out religion and politics, politics will at moments simply be transubstantiated in religion or worship and religion and/or worship will be transubstantiated in politics. However, Kaylor believes we should be aware of how and when this occurs and shouldn’t accept all instances of this transubstantiation.
Sacramental Politics offers a good and extended reflection on the various ways that religion and politics interact, mix together and influence and participate in each other. ... What Kaylor in the end offers is a way to move beyond our current assumptions and dogmas about the separation of religion and politics offering a way to evaluate and critique any particular instance of the commingling of religious worship and political action.
I appreciate his review and hope others will check out the book as well.

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