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Defeating Transit Hike

Defeating Transit Hike
Over the past year, I've been involved with a grassroots effort to promote and improve public transportation in the City of Jefferson. This effort brings together various leaders from churches, businesses, schools, and civic organizations. I previously spoke at a City Council meeting last summer, appeared on a local JCTV show, and appeared in a promotional video on the topic of public transportation.

During a recent City Council meeting, council members considered a 50 percent increase in the cost of public transportation fares. Given the financial impact the increase would have on people who rely on public transportation, many of us working on the issue went to the meeting in hopes of urging a reconsideration (or even an expansion or services along with costs).

I spoke during the recent City Council meeting, focusing on the importance of public transportation for creating community and the need to view it as an essential service we need to invest in (rather than expecting its users to merely pay for it). You can watch my comments in the online video of the meeting (I start at about the 1:22:09 mark).

We hoped to at least walk out of the meeting with a smaller fare hike, but actually saw the council members vote down any increase. It was a small victory, but hopefully our comments set the stage for more important public transportation efforts in the future. It's time to move our community forward.

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