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Southern Baptist Leaders Join Growing Tide against Confederate Flag

Southern Baptist Leaders Join Growing Tide against Confederate Flag
As I noted yesterday, this has been a remarkable week in the effort to remove the hateful symbolism of the Confederate battle flag from public glory. As businesses and Southern politicians have suddenly turned against the flag, Christian leaders have led the way. Thankfully, many Southern Baptists - whose convention literally started to defend slavery as biblical - are lending their voices to efforts to take down the flag. I'm not sure it's quite worthy of profiles in courage, but it's still an important moral stance. Better late than never!

Ethics Daily ran my latest article today as I explore this movement against the flag. The article, Southern Baptist Leaders Join Growing Tide against Confederate Flag, focuses on Southern Baptist leaders and politicians who have spoken out this week. It also ends with a surprising and dramatic shift by a Southern Baptist leader who previously supported the Confederate battle flag.

More voices continue to rise. Since I wrote the piece, leaders of the Southern Baptist state convention in South Carolina urged the removal of the Confederate flag from their state's Capitol, and Cooperative Baptist pastors in Mississippi urged their state's leaders to adopt a new flag that doesn't include the Confederate flag. It's nice to see so many Christian leaders helping lead an important moral change in our nation. Now we must commit to not stop our efforts toward racial reconciliation and justice with just the removal of a flag. 

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