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Building Bridges

Building Bridges
The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) held its 2015 general assembly last month in Dallas with the theme "Building Bridges." To add to the consideration of the theme, CBF leaders put together an art exhibit. The exhibit included a photo I took, which features a bridge over the Missouri Capitol and is all black and white except for a U.S. flag in the foreground near the distant Capitol. I called the piece, which you can see in the center of a CBF photo of the exhibit, "Transcending Politics."

Unfortunately I couldn't attend the general assembly to see the exhibit and hear the speakers. But I'm glad CBF added the art exhibit as another way experiencing the theme. In April, I created a 20-photo exhibit for the 2015 Churchnet annual gathering (that included photos from Turkey, Cuba, and Guatemala) to add to the missions emphasis.

I hope more denominational bodies and churches will add art to their worship settings. Such efforts can help us see faith in fresh ways and ignite what Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann calls the "prophetic imagination."

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