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West African Baptists Teach Congress about Ebola

West African Baptists Teach Congress about Ebola
The Baptist World Congress in Durban, South Africa, wrapped up on Sunday. It was a great time of fellowship, dialogue, and worship (and sightseeing). I'm glad we went to Africa for the Congress and appreciated the focus on African issues.

One session featured stories about how Ebola impacted west Africa (far from South Africa). I wrote about the session in my sixth article on the Congress. The piece, West African Baptists Teach Congress about Ebola, features comments by Baptists from Liberia, Nigeria, and Ghana. They offered some important perspectives, especially for Baptists elsewhere to consider. A photo I took of Charles Jones (originally from Liberia) ran with the article.

As I unpack, work on laundry, and get caught up on things, I am still reflecting on the trip. It was a great experience and I'm thankful for organizations like and Churchnet that made it possible for me to attend. You can see my photos from day 5 (Sunday) of the Congress here.

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