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Spiced Arabic Coffee

Spiced Arabic Coffee
Today is "National Coffee Day."

Or, as I call it, just another day.

In honor of this day when I drink lots of coffee (like usual), I'd like to share about my experience cooking spiced Arabic coffee I bought in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. During a visit to the Spice Souk (market) in July, shop owner Ali treated me to numerous delightful smells and a few yummy samples of various items.

The smell of one item quickly caught my attention - the spiced Arabic coffee. In addition to ground coffee beans, it includes cardamom and saffron. The spices added to the price a bit since saffron is the world's most expensive spice and cardamom is third (guess I should add some vanilla to it for the trifecta).

I enjoy trying new coffees when I travel, so I had to grab some of this! (For other posts on coffee, check out my review of multiple Guatemalan coffees and my reflection on Cuban coffee.)

Once home, I followed Ali's advice on how to brew the coffee. I added one liter of water and two tablespoons of the spiced coffee, and then boiled it for 40 minutes. Soon the house smelled wonderful!

I've made the coffee a couple of times now, and have improved my cooking of it. As is often customary in the Middle East, I grab a date or two to go with my coffee (although the dates aren't nearly as good as those I had in Dubai).

You don't have to travel to Dubai to get your own spiced Arabic coffee, although I highly recommend such a trip! Just ground some strong coffee beans and add some cardamom and saffron. It takes a little work and time, but it sure does create a welcoming aroma for guests.

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