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Need to Show Compassion toward Refugees

Need to Show Compassion toward Refugees
As I've watched the rhetoric against Syrian refugees, I've been particularly alarmed by how quickly so many politicians in both parties joined the fear-saturated attacks. Despite the fact refugees are already highly vetted and there are many easier and quicker ways for a terrorist to enter the country, demonizing refugees emerged as the new political sport.

A mayor in Virginia suggested using the World War ll-era internment of Japenese-Americans as a positive model program. A lawmaker in Missouri suggested herding refugees into camps. A lawmaker in Tennessee suggested using the National Guard to round up refugees. Have we lost our minds - and our consciences?

Congressional leaders have joined governors in pushing measures to stop refugee resettlement. So I wrote a letter to the editor to respond to a comment by one of my U.S. Senators, Roy Blunt. The St. Lous Post-Dispatch published the letter today.

In the letter, Need to Show Compassion toward Refugees, I urge Blunt to reconsider his position. I also connect the topic to the upcoming holy season of Advent. I hope Blunt and others will listen.

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