January 22, 2016

Baptists Weigh High Court's Pending Immigration Case

Already one of the hot-button topics of the 2016 campaign, immigration could become an even bigger issue (like Donald Trump's ego, it might be yuge). The U.S. Supreme Court announced this week it'll hear arguments in a case involving executive action by President Barack Obama to shield up to four million undocumented immigrants from deportations. The decision will likely drop in June, just weeks before Republicans and Democrats both hold their nominating conventions.

I wrote an article for EthicsDaily.com that summarizes the case. The piece, Baptists Weigh High Court's Pending Immigration Case, also includes comments from two Hispanic Baptist leaders: Juan Aragon (Hispanic ministries' strategist for the West Virginia Baptist Convention of the American Baptist Churches, USA) and Gus Reyes (director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas Christian Life Commission).

Christians need to think carefully about the case and not allow partisan politics to cloud biblical thinking.


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