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Explaining the 2016 Iowa Caucus

Earlier this month, I announced I was running for president to sell books. As I watch the other White House wannabes, I realize that statement was unusually honest. In fact, I would say my middle name is 'honest' if I weren't so honest.

The campaign is off to a good start. I have sold a couple books. I also scored my first endorsement from an elected official: John Credille, alderman for ward 2 in Bolivar, Missouri. That's pretty big!

On Monday, voters in Iowa will cast the first votes in the 2016 presidential race. The caucus process is pretty unusual, especially in Iowa (seriously those people are odd - sorry, little border rivalry feelings coming out there as I once again am too honest for my own good). So today I shot a video interview with Cliff Vaughn (media producer for to explain the Iowa caucus, the unusual ways people vote in it, and the role religion plays in the campaign.

One thing I noted in the video is particularly important - since it's related to me running for president to sell books. If you are an Iowa voter going to a Republican caucus, you can literally write down the name of any person. You know, like me! That's B-r-i-a-n_K-a-y-l-o-r. So if you're in Iowa, try it out (or if you know people in the Hawkeye State, please tell them how to spell my name). Just consider it an appropriate protest vote to the crazies about to win.

Oh, and watch the fun interview (and, of course, buy one of my books)!

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