January 14, 2016

Obama Dings Hateful Political Rhetoric, Urges Climate Action

President Barack Obama on Tuesday delivered what might be his last State of the Union Address (he could still technically give another next January as some outgoing presidents have done). Deviating a bit from the standard form of proposing legislative priorities for the coming year, he instead looked more at big picture issues. In particular, he condemned hateful, bigoted political rhetoric like that currently dominating the Republican presidential race.

I wrote an EthicsDaily.com article about Obama's speech and the official Republican response by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. In the article, Obama Dings Hateful Political Rhetoric, Urges Climate Action, I noted how both Obama and Haley clearly criticized the political rhetoric of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. I also reported on how Obama offered much more attention to climate change than he has in previous State of the Union Addresses. His comments included multiple references to the COP21 United Nations climate talks I attended.


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