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Church Attendance as Antidote to Donald Trump

Church Attendance as Antidote to Donald Trump
There has been lots of attention to Donald Trump winning evangelicals during this campaign. The business mogul won among the group in three of four states before the 'Super Tuesday' round today. I find that troubling, but it may not be the whole story. Polling data suggests those who attend church more frequently are much less likely to support Trump.

I wrote about the data on church attendance and Trump support in an article today. The piece, Church Attendance as Antidote to Donald Trump, includes comments from Churchnet Strategy Development Team Leader Bob Perry. As Perry helps explain, Trump's dominance among evangelicals even as he loses among regular church attenders shows that for many people the term 'evangelical' might be more cultural or political than spiritual.

Unfortunately, many journalists often don't get nuances in religion and politics and so focus predominately on the issue of evangelicals. As I noted in my Washington Post column yesterday, exit pollsters have focused on asking people if they are evangelical while ignoring better indicators like church attendance or religious affiliation. Sadly, the term "evangelical" is being once again distorted by politics. This is not good news!

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