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Civility in Politics

The presidential campaign is in full swing. Each day seems to bring either another round of states voting or yet another debate. With all of that seems to come growing incivility - more personal insults, false claims, and unethical attacks.

While in Washington, D.C., earlier this week, I offered some thoughts on civility in politics for a short video (shot by my colleague Cliff Vaughn). I suggest we should think of "Christian politics" to include how we act and talk (and not just certain policy positions). Fun fact: I list the fruits of the spirit but forgot one. I realized it before even seeing the video as I replayed the moment in my head. In my defense, it's a fruit I don't have much of usually!

One candidate in particular - Donald Trump - is responsible for much of the vulgarity and incivility in this campaign. Another candidate, however, recently helped take the campaign to a new low. Florida Senator Marco Rubio apparently thought the only way to beat Trump was to become the Latino Trump. Rubio has since admitted it was wrong (after he saw his poll numbers crash in response to his crudeness).

While it's unfortunate that Trump seems immune to people leaving him for incivility, it's heartening to see voters at least punish some candidates for incivility. Rubio would've been wise to learn an old saying my grandfather told me: Don't wrestle in the mud with a pig; you'll both get muddy but the pig will enjoy it!

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