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Critiquing Religion in Exit Polls

Critiquing Religion in Exit Polls
I recently wrote a Washington Post column on religion (or the lack thereof) in exit polls for presidential voters. Several publications reran the piece, including Crux, Dallas Morning News, Herald DemocratNapa Valley Register, and Tulsa World. The column was also cited in other pieces, including in Christian Science MonitorThe Federalist, and Washington Times.

The Pew Research Center also linked to my column in their analysis of religion in exit polls. Their write-up used me as the example to show "some analysts have expressed disappointment" in the focus on self-identified evangelicals in exit polls. Taking a similar focus, Cathy Lynn Grossman interviewed me for a good Religion News Service article on religion in exit polls (and the piece was rerun in several publications). Her headline, Exit Poll Religion Questions Confuse and Mislead, Critics Say, puts me in the "critic" category (which I proudly accept).

I am grateful my column continues to spark dialogue. However, I am still hoping for improvement in the exit polls. There have only been a couple improvements since my original column on February 29, but the problems I critiqued remain overall. I have my fingers crossed there will be some changes in the exit polls for the five states that vote today. Sadly, there were no exit pollsters where I voted (or else I could've delivered my plea in person!).

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