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Cuba Photos

Cuba Photos
I spent the last week of April in eastern Cuba on a trip for Churchnet (and two of our partner ministries, The Baptist Home and Future Leadership Foundation). We met with Baptist pastors and leaders as we explored ways we can partner together. Although this was my second trip to Cuba (see photos from the first one here), it was my first time to eastern Cuba (and we had stopovers in the Turks & Caicos Islands, which was also a first for me). I'll be writing more about the trip soon, but I've put together my photos (in six albums) as one way of telling some of what I learned.

Cuba 16, pt. 1 (Caribbean)

Cuba 16, pt. 2 (Baptist Churches)

Cuba 16, pt. 3 (Baptist Institutions)

Cuba 16, pt. 4 (Santiago de Cuba)

Cuba 16, pt. 5 (Tourist Sites - San Pedro de la Roca Castle & San Juan Hill)

Cuba 16, pt. 6 (Countryside)


  1. Brian,

    Haven't finished looking at all of the photos, but did want to add some additional info about one of the photos. In the set on institutions, you have a picture between the panoramic view from upstairs at the seminary and a classroom that is labeled as a flower on the campus. I overheard from someone as we walked by that the plant is actually a papaya plant and the fruit that is visible are small papayas in formation. The photos look great. Thanks for uploading and sharing them.

  2. One more follow-up comment. The chapel on the grounds of the Senior Adult Home near the seminary is also used as a church for the surrounding community. It is pastored by Fredy whom we met at the convention offices.

  3. Thanks, Gary, for both of those. I'll add some notes to the captions. Thanks!

  4. Thank you, Brian, so much for fabulous photos and insights into this experience. I am not through all of them either yet want to say they are providing a great visual summary on which to draw for next step designing in the partnership.


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