June 21, 2016

Southern Baptists Ding Obama, Discuss 'Elephant in the Room'

There's a dance some Christian leaders try every four years. It's the I'm-not-endorsing-a-candidate-even-as-I-wink-at-my-preference dance. It's not quite the tango and many aren't that good at it. But it can be an important dance to watch.

We saw some of that at play during the recent annual meeting Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). I explored the SBC's political rhetoric in my latest Ethics Daily article. The piece, Southern Baptists Ding Obama, Discuss 'Elephant in the Room,' considers how some SBC leaders subtly showed their preference for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

At the end of the piece, I noted some SBC leaders would join other evangelicals in meeting with Trump today. News from that meeting adds to my concerns about Christian leaders aligning themselves with Trump, and I'll offer some thoughts on that in another post.


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