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Love Trumps Hate

Love Trumps Hate
Love Trumps Hate.

That statement popped up throughout the Democratic convention this week, making it one of the most frequently-used lines. Signs declaring that filled the arena Monday night after Democratic leaders passed them out to delegates (but highlighted different messages other nights). Several speakers echoed the message.

"Love always trumps hate," Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey declared in a rousing speech Monday.

"Yes, love trumps hate," Hillary Clinton proclaimed Thursday night as she accepted her party's presidential nomination.

(screen shot from video stream)
Others also used the line. Clinton had started using it before the convention. That led to a humorous tweet from the CBC News in Canada. They first quoted her saying, "Love Trump's hate," before issuing a correction. Punctuation matters!

"Love trumps hate" is a good, biblical message. If only Clinton and Democratic officials actually meant it. A main theme of the Democratic convention - especially Thursday night as Clinton prepared to speak - was to assure everyone Clinton remains mean and tough enough to kill anyone as Commander-in-Chief. The convention featured multiple retired generals and military leaders to trumpet Clinton's leadership. The convention focused on 9/11 and the killing of Osama bin Laden. The convention could've also highlighted her record of backing wars and coups, like in Iraq, Libya, Honduras, and elsewhere.

Thus, the convention wasn't really an argument for love. Rather it was trying to convince us Clinton's the only sane one we can trust as we kill others. That's not a message of love trumps hate; that's a message of normal hate should trump irrational hate. If this election comes down to picking which candidate we most trust to protect us as our strong ruler, then it seems we've already lost. 

As former military leaders and Clinton spoke during the convention, some delegates protested the glorifying of war by chanting, "no more wars." When this occurred during one speech on Wednesday, Democratic leaders responded by turning the lights out over the main area some delegates offered this chant. The delegates responded by turning on their cellphone lights and continuing their prophetic dissent.

Love trumps hate and light trumps darkness!

Fortunately, one Christian leader used the microphone on Tuesday night to offer an alternative to the war-mongering of Clinton and her campaign. Baptist author and professor Tony Campolo offered the benediction with a prophetic critique.

"Help us to overcome our fears of refugees and show us how to love our enemies and overcome evil with good," he prayed. "Imbue our religious leaders with your love so that they will teach us how to transcend our differences and become one people. Teach us how to beat our swords into plowshares and learn war no more."


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