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Book Review

Book Review
Chris Gilmore, a Nazarene pastor in Kentucky, penned a review of my new book, Vote Your Conscience: Party Must Not Trump Principles. It's a great review as he covers quite a bit of ground and interacts with my arguments. He blogs over at

Here are a couple highlights from his review:
If you are Christian, particularly an evangelical Christian, this book has some things we need to hear. In the later chapters Kaylor spells out some basic truths for us: for too long we have wed our political platforms with our faith (to the detriment of our faith) and our allegiance is to the Kingdom of God, not a nation or a political party. If I could come to your house and read those couple chapters to you, I would. And I may.   
... I join Kaylor in his concern that the work and witness of the Church is being hindered as we line up behind morally bankrupt politicians and alienate people who vote or feel differently than we do. ... I absolutely recommend this book and encourage you to grab a copy today. You will at least become more informed and perhaps you will be more faithful to the work of the Gospel because of it.
I appreciate the time Gilmore took to write the review, and I hope many others will also find the book helpful. You can get your copy of my new book here. After you read it, please write a review on Amazon and share it on social media.

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