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Election Day Communion

Election Day Communion
In my new book on faith and politics in 2016 (Vote Your Conscience: Party Must Not Trump Principles), I offer in the last chapter some practical suggestions of things Christians can do to make a positive difference in this campaign. One of the key steps I include in the book is for churches to host an "Election Day Communion" service. This effort launched during the 2012 presidential campaign and it offered a much-needed alternative political/religious perspective. The initiative has now relaunched for the 2016 presidential campaign - and is needed even more than ever!

Election Day Communion is an effort to get churches to host a special communion time on November 8 to remind Christians that our real allegiance is to the politics of the Kingdom. If you are a pastor, please plan a service (and let them know). Four years ago, nearly 900 churches in all 50 states participated. Let's beat that number this year! If you're not a pastor, tell your pastor about it and encourage them to start planning. I've already done that with my pastor to encourage an ecumenical service with multiple congregations coming together for communion on election night. Learn more about the initiative at Election day is in just two months, so get started on planning!

Election Day Communion is a reminder that regardless who wins, Jesus is still King. It’s a reminder that regardless the seemingly-important outcome, it’s not the most important thing. It’s a reminder that regardless of our disagreements on partisan politics, we are still to unite around a more important political commitment on November 8. 

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