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Reading List for the 2016 Election

Reading List for the 2016 Election
Robert Cornwall, a Disciples of Christ pastor in Michigan, wrote a review of my new book Vote Your Conscience: Party Must Not Trump Principles. Cornwall is also an author, and I enjoyed his book Ultimate Allegiance: The Subversive Nature of the Lord's Prayer. Here are a couple highlights from his review of my book.

"...this book can be a useful primer on ways in which we might approach the upcoming election, along with future elections. It is important that we keep our allegiances in the proper order. No candidate and no party will completely align with our faith positions and principles, and therefore they can’t be the final determiner. Voting requires us to bring our ethical vision into the conversation. Principle should stand above party. Kaylor reminds us that ours is a kingdom vision. This is an important word for churches who can be tempted to become political tools, usually as a result of promises of power and influence."

"This is a helpful book because it raises important questions about how we judge candidates, not just presidential candidates, but at every level. He asks us to think about how we can become tools to bless political ends that are antithetical to the gospel. ... I think the book has great value. Brian is passionate about the kingdom of God and his knowledgeable about politics. He is rightfully concerned about where we place our allegiance."

Check out his full review, and then pick up your own copy of my book. Cornwall also created a Goodreads list of "[u]seful books for thinking about politics from a faith perspective." He added my book to the list, which I'm honored to see considering there are some important thinkers on this list.

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