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Craving Jordanian Food

Craving Jordanian Food
Over on Instagram I wrote about how I'm missing Jordanian food after my eight days in that country.

All week I've been hungry. Really hungry. Pain in my stomach hungry. It took a couple days to realize why. I was eating my normal meals. But last week in #HolyJordan I ate much, much more! The hospitality of the people was only bested by the quality - & quantity - of the food. If I kept eating at that rate, I'd soon be twice the man I am now! But, oh, how I'm craving olives, hummus, moutabel, olive bread, lamb shish kebabs, tabbouleh, manakish, kibbeh, mansaf, maqluba, Bedouin zarb, fresh pita bread, desserts like hareeseh & kanafeh, mint lemonade, & Turkish coffee. Oh, man, now I'm starving again! // Photo is of Maria Haddad of Beit Sitti in Amman. We ate outside at the restaurant that she & her sisters started in their grandmother's old home. Great food by welcoming people who are passionate about quality ingredients & teaching people how to cook traditional meals (just like their grandmother taught them).
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Although seeing biblical sites was the best part of the trip, the food was also amazing. You can learn a bit more about some of the popular Jordanian dishes (and see beautiful photos) here.

I'm missing the tastes and smells of Jordan. So next time I'm in Bolivar, Mo., to visit my in-laws, I'm going to the Main Street Mediterranean Cuisine, which is the best restaurant for this type of food I've found in Missouri. I'm getting hungry again just thinking about going. Until then, I'll have to just stare at my photos from Jordan and relive the memories in my head.

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