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College Students, Russian Anti-Evangelism, & More

College Students, Russian Anti-Evangelism, & More
The February 2017 issue of Word&Way marks an expanded magazine and a graphic redesign. It was exciting to see the issue come together - and more exciting to see it show up in print. Here are the pieces I wrote for the issue:
  • My editorial, A Fool’s Golden Rule, on living out the real Golden Rule
  • An article (not online) on Missouri's outgoing governor pardoning the "Medicaid 23" clergy
  • The cover package looks at if church makes a difference. The first article, Does Church Make a Difference?, considers data suggesting Christians do not act differently from non-Christians. The second article, Can Churches Make a Difference for College Students?, looks at the importance of college students connecting with a local church.
  • An article (not online) on a political prayer service held by Missouri Baptist Convention leaders
  • A Q&A interview (not online) I did with Missouri State Representative T. J. Berry on marriage, faith, and politics
  • An article, Russian Baptists Facing Legal Challenges from Anti-Evangelism Law, looking at religious liberty problems in Putin's Russia
Other pieces from the issue include:
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