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Sequel Nearly as Bad as Original

Sequel Nearly as Bad as Original
On Monday, President Donald Trump signed a new executive order halting refugee resettlement and blocking visas for people from several predominantly-Muslim nations. Numerous judges blocked portions of the the first executive order, which Trump signed on January 27. Despite the legal defeats, Trump decided to try again.

After weeks of promising a new version, Trump finally released it. The new order includes a few positive changes: it removed the targeting of Syrian refugees, it removed the religious preference test for refugee admittance, it dropped Iraq from list of banned nations, and it allowed current green card and visas holders to still enter the United States. However, the new order still blocks all refugees for months, dramatically reduces the number of refugees to be admitted later, and bars all people from six nations from entering (despite no national security justification).

I wrote a critique for Word&Way on the first executive order. Since I was in Washington, D.C., on Monday (for meetings of the Baptist World Alliance), I joined a rally in front of the White House that night.

The rally, which included several faith groups among the cosponsors, attempted to send a quick message to Trump on the day of the signing that many Americans do not support his Muslim Ban 2.0. Hundreds gathered despite the short time for organizing it. Several speakers offered their critiques of the executive order.

The sign I took to the rally was one I ripped out of the back of the March issue of Word&Way. There are a couple of pieces in the issue about Baptists who are ministering to refugees. I also included a sign created by a Mennonite church for people to hang at their church or elsewhere. So I took one with me. Later at the rally, I saw someone with a bigger version of the sign. No matter what a president may say, Christians are called to welcome and love our neighbors!

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