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King Herod's Helicopter

King Herod's Helicopter
Part of Donald Trump's first international trip as president included a stop in Israel. He didn't visit the ancient fortress of Masada, where King Herod the Great built palaces on the rock plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. Trump originally planned to attend, but skipped the popular tourist site after the denial of his request to land his helicopter up on the protected historical site (which was denied to protect the ruins from damage).

Instead of riding a cable car up the mountainside like other visitors - including Bill Clinton and George W. Bush - Trump just canceled his visit to the site. This petty request and response shows the arrogance of someone who expects special treatment and doesn't consider the potential consequences of his actions. He almost sounds like King Herod ... except Herod would've killed those denied the request and then landed his helicopter on Masada. 

I've only been on the other side of the Dead Sea and if I - unlike Moses - make it to the other side, I'll happily accept the cable car! 

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