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PTV Bible

PTV Bible
President Donald Trump transformed a "National Day of Prayer" event at the White House into a political event. Or maybe it wasn't really much of a prayer event in the first place. After the few prayerful moments ended, Trump signed an executive order to encourage churches to endorse partisan politicians. That's the type of thing that deserves some table-flipping. Instead, a group of court preachers clapped. (I was recently cited in a Herald-Mail editorial about the problems of the politicizing churches.)

During his remarks, Trump claimed he would make churches free - an echo of the lie hissed our way since the Garden. He also said he would give "our churches their voices back." Except our voices don't come from Caesar, but God. And the White House isn't the Promised Land!

The most troubling part of the gathering came in the pre-event the night before as Trump threw a dinner for his court preachers who would clap for him the next day. At the dinner, his closest faith adviser, "prosperity gospel" preacher Paula White, gave Trump a gift. She would speak the next day at the "prayer" event since she represents the faith of Trump (Mammon). At the dinner, she gave Trump a framed page from an original King James Bible, calling it "a Bible, which, as you know, was commissioned by a political leader in service to the church."

Trump probably did't know that. But I'm worried now that he does! He's probably thinking that if that James guy could commission a translation then why can't he? The KJV has some problems (in part as it skews some passages to give too much deference to earthly rules). But the PTV (President Trump Version) would be much worse! 

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