June 2, 2017

I Refuse to Forget the Christians Advocating for Climate Action

President Donald Trump wrongly decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, an international accord that marked the most significant and comprehensive global effort to combat climate change. Since I attended the United Nations climate talks in Paris in December of 2015 that led to the Paris Agreement (and likely know more about the Agreement than Trump), I wrote a Religion News Service column to reflect on Christians I met in Paris from around the world.

In the column, I Refuse to Forget the Christians Advocating for Climate Action, I focus on visiting with Bishop Efraim Tendero, secretary-general of the World Evangelical Alliance and a member of the official delegation from the Philippines. I am thankful for the witness of global evangelicals for climate justice, and I hope that white evangelicals in the U.S. will catch up. Hopefully we will listen to voices like Tendero, not Trump. Check out the column.


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