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What's New With the Old Testament?

What's New With the Old Testament?
The September 2017 issue of Word&Way features a package on "What's New With the Old Testament?" The issue also includes a number of other articles and columns. Here are the pieces I wrote for the issue:

* My editorial, The Myth of 'Amazing Grace,' on race, faith, and John Newton.
Q&A Interview with Sports Crusader Executive Director Tricia Alberts.
* An article, Russia Expands Anti-Missionary Crackdown Against Baptists, Others.

Other pieces in the issue include:

* Two articles on the Old Testament by Carrie Brown McWhorter: Archaeology Uncovers New Understanding of the Old Testament [not online]; Rereading the Old Testament with Modern Research.
* A column by David McDaniel: Raw Talks in Church [not online]
* A column by Christopher Dixon: Violence Isn't the Answer.
* A column by Terrell Carter: A Not-So-Small Kingdom.
* A column by Ken Satterfield: Avoiding Hostage Situations (With Your Data).
* A column by Wade Paris: The Old Testament. I Love It!
* A column by Doyle Sager: Bitterness: The Church's Silent Killer.
* And much more that can only be found in the print edition, including a piece on ministering to families of individuals with special needs, and a piece on ministering to women who are considering abortion or have had an abortion.

Get your subscription now (for only $17.50 a year) so you don't miss out any longer!

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