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Quote in Washington Post on Faith & Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Quote in Washington Post on Faith & Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Michelle Boorstein, religion reporter for the Washington Post, wrote a good article looking at faith and the current White House Press Secretary. The piece, How Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sees the World, even includes a quote from me. Here's the section with me:

The whole article is good and weaves in a variety of voices and perspectives. My quote also shows up in a Washington Post column by Jennifer Rubin reflecting on Boorstein's piece: Evangelical Conservatives are Proving their Harshest Critics Right. Rubin offered some good thoughts in reaction to the quotes pulled from Boorstein's piece.

"That's stunning to the many Americans who think the divine right of kings was what we fought against in the American Revolution," Rubin added after quoting me. "A God-chosen president can do no wrong, tell no lie, make no error. And that, it seems, has been the default setting for many of Trump's most loyal supporters among the religious right."

Regardless what one thinks of Sanders or Donald Trump, it's clear we cannot ignore the intersection of religion and politics. If only someone wrote books about that!

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  1. Brian, I read Boorstein’s article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. As always, appreciate your insights and humor. Perhaps you should send an autographed copy of your latest book to the White House Press Secretary’s Office?


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