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Taxes, Christmas, & Caesar

Taxes, Christmas, & Caesar
President Donald Trump signed a new tax overhaul bill this week. He kept saying he wanted it passed before Christmas so he could give "the best Christmas present of all."

That comment made me wonder if he knows what the first Christmas present was. Seriously, I'm concerned that Mr. "Two Corinthians" might not know. Because if he did, he wouldn't say something as blasphemous as suggesting a tax bill - any tax bill, let along a bad one - could be the best Christmas present of all.

I mean, it's not really a hard choice: God with us or tax breaks for the rich? Although, that's actually the same choice we've been asked about for 2,000 years: serve God or serve Mammon?

Getting his wish, Trump signed his tax decree just before Christmas. That actually sounds like a character in the biblical Christmas story. So, I also wonder if Trump knows Caesar is a bad guy. He once tried to put money in the communion plate, so I truly wonder if he knows.

If we don't realize that helping the poor, the immigrants, and the refugees is part of the Christmas story, then it doesn't matter how many times we shout "Merry Christmas," we've truly taken Christ out of Christmas. 

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