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Top Posts of 2017

Top Posts of 2017
Here are the most-read posts on this site in 2017:

10. Praise Him, Sun and Moon (August 22)
  9. Giving Tuesday (November 28)
  8. Early Irma Reports from Cuba (September 10)
  7. Inaugurating Heresy (January 20)
  6. No Moore, But More Damage (December 14)
  5. Unethical Polling & Church Politics (October 17)
  4. Trump Is Who He Was (August 15)
  3. Doha, Qatar (August 2)
  2. Halway Baptists (January 5)
  1. King Saul & President Trump (June 5)

I also put together a list of the most-read pieces this year on the website of Word&Way (where I serve as editor & president). I had seven articles make the list this year, including the most-read one. Here's the list: Most-Read Pieces of 2017

Top Social Media Posts:

My two most-popular posts on Facebook both involved Washington Post articles that quoted me. The first article was on Sarah Huckabee Sanders and faith, and the second article was about Donald Trump and saying "Merry Christmas."

Two of my three most popular tweets on Twitter - including the top one - involved critiques of the death penalty. And many other tweets also hit that topic as the U.S.'s system of capital punishment has many problems.

And here are my nine most-liked photos on Instagram:

Thanks for stopping by in 2017. I hope to see you here lots in 2018!

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