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My Birthday Wish

My Birthday Wish
Two years ago today, I announced on my 35th birthday that I was running for president to sell books. And I did sell some books (and even met a couple of people since then who - no joke - voted for me)! Although my campaign ended, you can still buy my books.

Today, is my 37th birthday and I do have a wish I wanted to share since I figured you wanted to give me a present. In November, I announced the first global partnership of Word&Way (where I serve as editor & president). We are working to El Mensajero (The Messenger) in Cuba. In addition to providing a used (but nice) laptop, we are sending a grant to help them purchase a large printer, and are discussing other ways we can share content and collaborate. I'm hopeful we will connect with another global partner this year as well.

That's where my birthday wish comes in. I don't need anything. But if you feel like getting me something for my birthday (or any other occasion), please give a contribution to Word&Way's global partnership fund. Every penny given to that fund will go to support Baptist publications around the world. So, just go to our secure giving site and pick the "global partnerships" fund - or start the process in the box below.

I'll just be sitting in the U.S. this year for my birthday - unlike three years ago as I traveled to Guatemala that day with an unplanned stop in Mexico on the way to lead some communication training for Guatemalan Baptists. But maybe my birthday this year can still help the work of the global faith community.

Thanks (and happy birthday to me)!

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