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Illuminating Fundamentalism

Illuminating Fundamentalism
After 18 months of dialogue and consideration, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship released a new hiring policy and procedure on February 9 as part of its "Illumination Project." The hiring policy removed the focus on not allowing LGBTQ individuals to serve and instead established a standard based on Christian faithfulness. The related procedure noted that positions for missionaries and supervisors would only be open to individuals faithful in a heterosexual marriage or individuals who are celibate singles.

That new policy quickly sparked criticism from both conservatives and liberals. So, I wrote about some of the responses in a column for Word&Way. We cover all Baptists in the Midwest, including CBF churches.

In my column, Illuminating Fundamentalism, I challenge Fundamentalists on the right and the left for exclusionary attitudes. In particular, I challenge liberal Fundamentalists for colonial attitudes as they attack CBF for listening to the voices of global Christians.

The column quickly attracted a number of readers and led to an article about it from Baptist News Global. In that piece, Bob Allen quotes several lines from the column and helped extend the discussion to a wider audience.

I hope you read the whole column. How we respond to others - especially those who disagree with us - remains an important issue.

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