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Faith and Sports

Faith and Sports
The March 2018 issue of Word&Way features a package on sports and faith. The magazine also includes a number of other articles and columns. The issue includes:
* My editorial, We Clearly Have a Problem, on guns in America.
* Two articles on being prophetic and loving by Carrie Brown McWhorter: Identity Comes from Christ, Not Athletic Ranking; Lessons from the Field [not online].
* A photo essay by Francisco Miguel Litardo on Visiting Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh [not online]
* A column by Terrell Carter: The Arrival of Grace.
* A column by Ken Satterfield: A Case of Mistaken Superpowers.
* A column by Doyle Sager: Discerning our Kairos.
* A column by Christopher Dixon: We Can't Sit Idly By [not online]
* A column by Wade Paris: Faith & Sports [not online].
* And much more that can only be found in the print edition.

Get your subscription now (for only $17.50 a year) so you don't miss out any longer!

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