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Reconsidering the Death Penalty (with Shane Claiborne)

Reconsidering the Death Penalty (with Shane Claiborne)

The 16th episode of the Word&Way podcast, Baptist Without An Adjective, is now out. This week's episode features a sermon by Shane Claiborne on why he believes Christians should oppose the death penalty. He offered these remarks at a Churchnet event on the campus of Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis, Mo. More of Claiborne's thoughts on the topic can be found in his book Executing Grace: How the Death Penalty Killed Jesus and Why It's Killing Us.

There are several ways to check out the podcast:
- You can find it on iTunes, where I hope you'll subscribe and leave a positive review (which helps other people find the program).
- You can put the RSS feed into whichever program you prefer to track podcasts and other information.
- You can listen to the episode with Shane Claiborne online here or in the player above.

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Churchnet Executive Director Brian, Ford, Shane Claiborne, and me.

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