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The New Yorker Quote

The New Yorker Quote
I'm quoted in an article in this week's issue of The New Yorker magazine (but, sadly, it's not in a cartoon). It's actually a quote pulled from an October 2017 Washington Post article. Both pieces profile White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and both give quite a bit attention to her faith and how it seems at odds with her pro-Trump messages.

Speaking about the mindset I've seen from some white evangelicals who support Trump, I suggested what might motivate her: "When you have to stand up there and defend whatever he's done, it's more than you are defending a politician, or even a President; you are defending God's chosen leader for this time." I don't hold this position about Trump (as I've made clear), but I see this perspective too often verbalized.

After The New Yorker piece, other outlets ran a smaller piece focusing just on my year-old remark, including Raw Story (Sarah Sanders Will Lie for Trump Because She Thinks She's 'Defending God's Chosen Leader’: Ex-Baptist Pastor) and Salon (Baptist Pastor Brian Kaylor Claims Sarah Huckabee Sanders Lies to Defend "God's Chosen Leader").

However, like a game of telephone, The New Yorker provides less context about my quotation than the original Washington Post, and then the other pieces provide even less context - which has led some people to think I'm calling Trump "God's chosen leader" instead of explaining a worldview of other white evangelicals. So, if there's any confusion, just buy my book.

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