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Baptist, Methodist Pastors Protest Sessions Speech

Baptist, Methodist Pastors Protest Sessions Speech
When U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions showed up in Boston today to give a speech about "the future of religious liberty," he probably didn't expect clergy to interrupt him with scriptures and call on him to repent. But it happened. A Methodist (in the same tradition as Sessions) and a Baptist both interrupted his speech and were removed by police.

My latest Word&Way article reports on the scene and includes comments from the Baptist pastor, Darrell Hamilton, about why he did it. He not only criticizes Sessions but also challenges Sessions about what it means to actually believe in religious liberty for all. Check out the article: Baptist, Methodist Pastors Protest Sessions Speech.

In a time with many pastors dine with political leaders and silently condone immoral policies, it's refreshing to see some pastors willing to speak the truth.

You can also watch the incident below:

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