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If Dr. Rodney Reeves Impacted You...

If Dr. Rodney Reeves Impacted You...
During my time as a student at Southwest Baptist University, I spent a lot of time in the Redford College of Theology and Ministry since one of my majors was pastoral ministry. Some of my professors are still there (I'm not that old, after all). They greatly impacted my thinking about God, faith, and life. Now, I'd like to repay a bit of that debt to one of them.

Redford is now under attack. A recently-fired professor (who started after my time there) is arguing he was the only true Bible-believing professor in Redford. Apparently what got him fired was that he had been secretly collecting "evidence" for years and meeting with outside forces in hopes of driving out other professors with whom he disagreed. (I'm not linking to the documents containing the allegations, which were posted this week as part of a petition supporting the fired professor, since they include unproven assertions and stupid arguments.)

A key target of the fired professor is the current dean of Redford, Dr. Rodney Reeves. I had Reeves for several classes, especially since he was one of my favorite professors. I've enjoyed opportunities to talk with him since my graduation (just, ahem, a few years ago). And I've read some of his books, which means he continues to build on my understanding of scriptures. If that man's teachings are heretical, then I don't want to be viewed as "orthodox." 

Reading attacks on Reeves by the fired professor and his defenders, I've grown upset (and that's putting it nicely). I've wondered how to respond. I even considered starting my own petition defending Reeves, but that would be no more meaningful than the one supporting the fired professor. So, I'm instead suggesting a more positive path.

As an author of a few books myself (though they're not as good or as oft-bought as those by Reeves), I recognize that few things are more uplifting than hearing that my words made a positive impact on someone. So here's my three-part plan to do something positive in midst of slander and hate. And I hope you'll join me.

1. Buy books by Rodney Reeves. Here are links to them:
I have A Genuine Faith, Rediscovering Paul, and Rediscovering Jesus. I highly recommend all three, and Rediscovering Jesus made it on my list of top books that year (I didn't make such a list the earlier years or else those two books probably would have made it on a list as well).

2. Write a review of the book(s) on Amazon. Even just a couple of sentences can make an author's day. And more reviews help more people find the book in search results and therefore more people buy it.

3. Post your review on Facebook and encourage others to buy the book. And you could also share this post as a way or encouraging other people to join this effort.

I frequently see SBU graduates write on Facebook or on blog posts something about how a concept they are now sharing really came from a Reeves class years ago. I recognize that impact on my own thinking and writing (like in a Christmas reflection a few years ago). And, so, I especially ask former and present SBU students impacted by Reeves to join this effort. And those who didn't have Reeves should also buy his books since you haven't learned from him yet.

This is a small step, but could be meaningful. It's not like I'm "asking you to leave your homes on Christmas Eve" and head to Vermont (though I hear it's beautiful this time of year), but this could still be a nice Christmas gift to a nice guy. Let's be a positive light during a time of too much darkness.


  1. Great idea. Purchased “Spirituality According to Paul: Imitating the Apostle of Christ”

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Is there a book about crushing those who are the "darkness." I mean I grieve for his family blah blah blah, but honor, scholarship and non hearsay...those are eternal.

    1. Put your name to it & I'll answer...


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