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Discussing Missions, Advocacy & Racism with Suzii Paynter

Discussing Missions, Advocacy & Racism with Suzii Paynter

The 51st episode of the Word&Way podcast, Baptist Without An Adjective, is now out. This episode features an interview with Suzii Paynter, retiring executive coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, at a meeting of the North American Baptist Fellowship in Orlando, Fla. She discusses her work at CBF, the call to Christian advocacy, and her future plans. She also talks about the "Angela Project" gathering that will be held June 19 in Birmingham, Ala. (This episode is sponsored in part by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.)

There are several ways to check out the podcast:
- You can find it on iTunes, where I hope you'll subscribe and leave a positive review (which helps other people find the program).
- You can put the RSS feed into whichever program you prefer to track podcasts and other information.
- You can listen the episode with Suzii Paynter online here or in the player above.

If you enjoy the episode, I hope you'll share it on Facebook or other social media sites. Thanks for listening!

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