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Academic Writings

Academic Writings
I have written over 30 published academic studies and over 65 academic conference papers. I taught political communication and advocacy studies for six years at James Madison University, and also taught communication courses at the University of Missouri, Southwest Baptist University, and for the Junior Statesmen Program at Northwestern University. ​My research, which often addresses issues of religious and political rhetoric, influences my books and journalistic pieces. If you are interested in reading any of his work or finding out more about a particular project, email me at You can find my publications and papers on my CV here. You ​​can view my "Google Scholar" profile here. ​

Selected Academic Awards/Honors
* 2014 Summer Research Grant, James Madison University College of Arts & Letters
* 2013 Rising Star, James Madison University
* 2013 Professor-in-Residence, Mennonite Central Committee - Washington Office
* Seed Grant, James Madison University Center for Instructional Technology
* 2011 Lynn E. May Study Grant, Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives
* 2011 Award for Teaching Excellence, James Madison University Chapter of the National Society for Leadership & Success
* 2009 Dissertation of the Year Award, Religious Communication Association
* 2009 Top Paper Award in the Eastern Communication Association's Political Communication Division
* 2009 Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award, University of Missouri Graduate School
* 2008 Graduate Research Award, University of Missouri Department of Communication
* 2007 Top Paper Award in the Central States Communication Association's Graduate Student Caucus
* 2006 Frank and Lila Gilman Memorial Fellowship Award, University of Missouri Department of Communication
* 2006 Top Student Paper Award in the Central States Communication Association's Communication Theory Division
* 2004 Top Paper Award in the Sooner Communication Conference's Graduate Division
* 2003 Top Student Paper Award in the National Communication Association's Pi Kappa Delta Division ​
* 2002 Top Student Paper Award in the National Communication Association's Pi Kappa Delta Division ​

Academic Publications 
*Kaylor, B. (2015). It’s all fun and games until someone loses the idea: Implications of the "game" metaphor for competitive debate. The Forensic, 100, 3344.
*Kaylor, B. T. (2015). The windy road away. In C. L. Kell (ed). The exiled generations – Legacies of the Southern Baptist Convention holy war (pp. 75-85). Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee Press.
*Kaylor, B. (2014). Altar calls: Religious segmentation in campaign appeals. In D. Bystrom, M.
Banward, & M. McKinney (eds). alieNATION: The divide and conquer election of 2012 (pp. 277-295). New York, NY: Peter Lang.
* Kaylor, B. (2013). Earth-a-lujah!: The prophetic environmental discourse of Reverend Billy. Environmental Communication, 7, 391-408.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2013). "God bless America" serves to rally Americans to war. Newspaper Research Journal, 34, 93-105.
* Compton, J., & Kaylor, B. (2013). Inoculating against small pox inoculation objections in 
Reverend Cooper’s Letter to a Friend in the Country. Journal of Communication and Religion, 36, 92-107.
* Compton, J., & Kaylor, B. (2012). Presidents as speech professors: United States presidents' public statements about public speaking. Journal of the Speech and Theatre Association of Missouri, 42, 1-19.
 * Kaylor, B. T. (2012). Kanye West versus Kris Allen: Teaching rhetorical structure via music. Communication Teacher, 26, 207-210.
 * Kaylor, B. T. (2012). Words must mean something: Barack Obama's rhetoric and the Nobel Peace Prize. Journal for Peace and Justice Studies, 22, 58- 72. ​
* Kaylor, B. T. (2012). Cartoonish claims: Editorial cartoon depictions of religion. Mass Communication and Society, 15, 245-260.
* Aubrey, J. S., Olson, L., Fine, M., Hauser, T., Rhea, D., Kaylor, B., & Yang, A. (2012). Investigating personality and viewing-motivation correlates of reality television exposure. Communication Quarterly, 60, 80-102.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2012). A new law: The covenant speech of Barbara Jordan. Southern Communication Journal, 77, 10-23.
* Kaylor, B. (2011/2012). Give me that late night religion: Exploring the intersections between religion and late night comedy shows. Journal of Communication, Speech, and Theatre Association of North Dakota, 24, 19-26
* Kaylor, B. T. (2011). No Jack Kennedy: Mitt Romney’s “Faith in America” speech and the changing religious-political environment. Communication Studies, 62, 491-507.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2011). Building free speech: A case of First Amendment rights versus church architecture. Free Speech Yearbook, 45, 47-55.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2011). Just a little talk with Jesus: The portrayal of Jesus in NBC’s The Book of Daniel. Journal of Media and Religion, 10, 138-151.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2011). Altar call: The Democratic Party’s religious rhetoric as image repair discourse. Public Relations Review, 37, 250-256.
* Kaylor, B. (2011). Sheep without a shepherd (but with an archbishop): Foucault’s pastoral power and the denying of communion. Atlantic Journal of Communication, 19, 152-168.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2011). Accounting for the divine: Examining rhetorical claims of God’s inspiration. Journal of Communication and Religion, 34, 75-88.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2011). Modern Hebrew prophets: The Daily Show and religious satire. In T. Goodnow (ed). The Daily Show and rhetoric: Arguments, issues and strategies (pp. 207-222). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2010). Gracious submission: The Southern Baptist Convention’s press portrayals of women. Journal of Gender Studies, 19, 335-348.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2010). Putting God back in the jeremiad: The Two Futures Project and the argument for nuclear abolition. Evangelical Review of Society and Politics, 4, 31-46.
* Kaylor, B., & Credille, P. (2010). In the eye of the storm: Image repair discourse of Dan Rather and CBS after the Bush Guard memos story. Southwestern Mass Communication Journal, 26, 111-124.
* Kaylor, B. (2010). A rhetorical “God gap”: Religious-political rhetoric of George W. Bush and John F. Kerry. Journal of the Speech & Theatre Association of Missouri, 40, 27-47.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2010). Coverage of Terri Schiavo controversy not found to be anti-Christian. Newspaper Research Journal, 31, 69-76. Kaylor, B. T. (2010). Savior, fool, or demagogue?: Burkean frames surrounding the “Ten Commandments Judge.” K.B. Journal, 6 (2).
* Kaylor, B. T. (2009). The Holy Land Experience: Proposing a typology for studying museum communication. Florida Communication Journal, 37 (2), 11-22.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2009). Evangelism, entertainment, or education: Examining student responses to campus street preachers. Texas Speech Communication Journal, 34, 24-33.
* Kaylor, B. T., & Compton, J. (2009). Papal punchlines: Late night comedic treatment of Pope John Paul II. In J. R. Blaney & J. P. Zompetti (eds). The rhetoric of Pope John Paul II (pp. 3-22). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2008). A Burkean poetic frames analysis of the 2004 presidential ads. Communication Quarterly, 56, 168-183.
*  Kaylor, B. T. (2008). From faithful to heretics: The Catholic Church’s response to the Voice of the Faithful. Rocky Mountain Communication Review, 4, 16-26.
*  Kaylor, B., & Fisher, B. (2007). Onward Christian soldiers: Southern Baptist Convention’s support for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Journal of the Speech & Theatre Association of Missouri, 37, 61-77.
* Kaylor, B. T. (2007). Dusting off the trophies: Filling in the gaps in the forensics collective memory. Communication and Theater Association of Minnesota Journal, 34, 88-96.
* Kaylor, B. T., & Fisher, B. D. (2006). The Council of Conservative Citizens attempts a face-lift: Defending against accurate charges of racism. Kentucky Journal of Communication, 25, 59-73.

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