Brian is an award-winning, engaging speaker with a variety of speaking experiences. He is available to talk on a number of topics, such as: religion and politics; advocacy and civic engagement; religious communication; journalism (news/editorial writing, media relations); and social media. If you are interested in inviting Brian to speak at an event, please email him at BrianTKaylor@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events

University Heights Baptist Church
(April 19 in Springfield, Mo.)
Will speak during Wednesday night service.

Churchnet Spring Gathering
(April 21 at Parkade Baptist Church in Columbia, Mo.)
Will speak during missions banquet about Churchnet's partnership with Cuba. Will also co-lead breakout session on ministering to refugees and immigrants.

Some Previous Events
* Led a session at three different churches on the relationship between religion and politics. Also spoke on this topic to a local branch of the American Association of University Women and at events at two different universities.
* Spoke at several university events on various political topics, including social media, democracy and religion in Middle East protests, Occupy Wall Street movement, green rhetoric, and media campaign coverage.
* Taught Jamaican Baptists about writing news articles and press releases at a Communications Training Seminar in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Taught Guatemalan Baptists on communication principles, sermon delivery, and using social media. Also led sessions at BGCM Bible Preaching Week on church communication strategies.
* Moderated a candidate forum on environmental issues, and moderated a public forum on responsibilities of elected officials to the citizenry. Also moderated several public student debates.
* Debated campus street preacher George "Jed" Smock about whether or not confrontational evangelism is appropriate or effective.
* Preached and/or taught Sunday School in 41 different Baptist, Mennonite, and Episcopalian churches in four states. Also officiated at ​ several weddings and funerals. Hear some of his sermons here.